Thodio iBox™ XC Side Pressed Caramel Bamboo

$899.00 Free shipping

Bluetooth, WiFi, Guitar Input

USB Charge Bus

Battery Pack

Thodio iBox™ XC Side Pressed Caramel Bamboo

Free shipping - Free returns - 2 Year warranty

$899.00 Free shipping

Bluetooth, WiFi, Guitar Input

USB Charge Bus

Battery Pack

The Ultimate Audiophile Wireless Speaker System


"I received my XC last Wednesday and after admiring the finishing touch and the wonderful fine artwork, I connected it to the DAC of my main audio system, namely DENAFRIPS TERMINATOR R2R Ladder DAC, and already out of the box I was literally shocked by what I've heard! The sound quality of this speaker goes beyond any imagination in relation to its size, the timbre is exceptional, no color, the detail is scary, the trumpet effect due to the loud position of the speakers produces a brilliant sound image, Dynamics are high, high frequencies are broad, steely, refined and above all the grain is non-existent!

In short, the iBOX XC HD is a mini implant that, IMHO, surpasses 5000 euro audio installations. I was expecting an excellent speaker but I did not imagine until now and now I understand why the great Hi-End websites virtually ignore you, simply because if the knowledge of your products expands, other speaker manufacturers might close ! You are awesome and I'm just keen on watching this masterpiece, figuring you to listen to it.

Thank you so much for giving me pure audiophile pleasure!"

Achille M. from Italy


"I had to write and tell you that the iBox XC that you made me out of the HD Bamboo is unfricken believable !!!!

The craftsmanship and quality are second to none. This box punches you right in the face. And it is so clean and crisp that it makes the hairs on your body just stand straight up.

Now for all of you audiophiles out there like me this box will knock your socks clean off .  I have it hooked up to my digital player and you can hear music like you never ever thought was possible. Whether you’re listening to a digital PONO player or a $3,000 Astell and Kerns digital player. This box will kick your ass..

Thomas you are a MASTER !!!         

Thank you .. Thank you … Thank you 

I am going to be ordering a second box soon and I want to see that Ammo box in a much bigger size..." Bret B. from Georgia, USA


"Ok where do I start. I will be posting a YouTube review coming soon. Here are the categories in the Thodio XC high density.

1. Finish: Perfectly made with extreme detail, beautiful color, and top quality wood. 

2. Connection: I have the 18hour battery with wifi and guitar bus. Everything synced well with no issue top quality knobs built to last.

3. Sound: This thing kicks ass, highs and mids are crisp and the bass thump's. I compared this to my Marshall Hanwell, the Marshall performs well however the Thodio XC keeps all sound leveled without any distortion. Thodio is louder and outperforms the Hanwell in many ways. Thodio has better sound quality in diverse range where as the Hanwell needs lots of tweaking and starts to lose sound quality when at high volumes. Bottom line Thodio beats the crap out of my Marshall.

4. Final thoughts I am completely satisfied, Thodio uses the best of the best components. This speaker is built to last and haven't heard any speaker setup in its class that can come close. Awesome job Thodio keep up the good work!!!!

5. Buy one you will be blown away." Pietro Bendotti from the USA


Our flagship system

The Best Materials 

This iconic wireless speaker system is meticulously hand crafted by Thodio's founder, Thomas Spaans out of 0.71 inch solid High Density Bamboo, into a timeless and unique design which gives the iBox XC it's astonishing looks and benchmark sound.

The type of bamboo has the same density as oak wood, which is praised for its warm and natural sound.


The Best Components

Twin audiophile custom tuned 6.5 inch kevlar coned woofers. 1 inch silk dome tweeters that extend well past 24KHz.

Our new hand calibrated 200 watts audiophile T-Class Tripath amp is highly efficient and incredibly powerful. Specs unheard of in a portable, or even many home systems. Delivering detailed, transparent, dynamic, some say even a tube amp like sound.

The biggest of all Thodio amps is guaranteed to breathe life in to any backyard or beach party. The XC far exceeds the sound/size paradigm, as do all Thodio speakers. This wireless speaker will leave a lasting impression, both the rich and powerful sound and it's impeccable finish.

Connect Everything, Experience everything

The Best Bluetooth Receiver

You can wirelessly stream your songs up to 265 feet from any Bluetooth device to the iBox in CD quality with the optional HD LossLess aptX/AAC/SBC Bluetooth 5.0 module. We install the best Bluetooth technology available on the market today. This is a great wireless connection recommended for ease and convenience, especially with outdoor use. 

The Best WiFi Receiver with App

Turn your Thodio into the Ultimate Portable, Wireless Smart Speaker. Featuring the cleanest, most transparant and powerful wireless sound available. Take your party everywhere! This is the best wireless connection we offer. Highly recommended to get the most out of your XC.

Experience music like the artists intended it, both Indoors and Outdoors. 

Stream all your online and offline music with a rock solid wireless connection. Works with your computer/smartphone/online music service/NAS/UPNP Network in High Resolution quality. Play your music on one, two (Wireless Stereo) or multiple (Multi Room) Thodio iBox or A-BOX speakers.

For more info on our top notch WiFi receiver click here.


Take your sound outdoors for up to 55 hours on a single charge

The best battery packs

The safe and protected rechargeable lithium ion battery pack will last for up to 18 hours (upgradeable to 55 hours) on a single charge.

Standard battery pack

  • 18 hours 3400mAh 29.4volts 88Wh Li-Ion pack with 7, 18650 LG cells

Optional battery packs

  • 34 hours 6800mAh 29.4volts 176Wh Li-Ion pack with 14, 18650 LG cells
  • 55 hours 10200mAh 29.4volts 264Wh Li-Ion pack with 21, 18650 LG cells

    These packs will last up to 500-1000 charge cycles and then they will still have 80% of their capacity available. All battery packs can easily be replaced by the owner.

    The XC comes with an automatic charger which can be used as a full time power supply to have unlimited music.

    The illumination in the bass reflex port shows you how long you will be able to party before you have to recharge.

    Guitar input

    Turn your iBox XC into a portable guitar amplifier with the optional guitar input. 

    USB charge port

    Turn your XC into a powerbank. Recharge your smartphone, tablet or other USB device on the go with your XC's powerful battery pack.

    Mini jack aux input

    The jack input comes standard on all Thodio speakers. Connect any audio player with the included high quality audio cable with gold plated mini jack connectors.

    All Thodio Products come with a 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee and a 2 year warranty


    • Fully hand crafted in Holland, shipped for free worldwide
    • 6.5 inch coaxial kevlar speakers with 1 inch softdome tweeters and audiophile filters
    • *New* 200 watts rms audiophile Tripath TK2050 amplifier
    • Integrated rechargeable battery lasting 18 hours a charge (upgradeable to 34 or 55 hours)
    • Optional integrated Bluetooth receiver
    • *New* Optional integrated WiFi receiver with app
    • Optional guitar input, use your iBox XC as an audiophile guitar amp
    • Optional USB charge bus to charge all USB devices on the go
    • Volume control with power switch
    • Source selector switch
    • Battery indicator illumination inside the bass reflex port
    • Hand crafted out of 0.71", 18mm thick solid High Density Bamboo
    • Mini jack 3.5mm aux input
    • Also available in ChocolateTiger Stripe and Natural Bamboo
    • Dimensions: 16.9 x 10.6 x 11 inches, 43 x 27 x 28cm L x W x H
    • Weight: 8.6 kilos / 18.9 pounds.
    • Including a fully automatic charger (comes with US, UK or EU plug (powercord can easily be exchanged with any standard IEC320 C7 powercord) and works with all net voltages worldwide (110-240V AC) 
    • The charger can be used as a permanent power supply
    • Including a 3.5mm minijack plug aux cable
    • Including a 2 year warranty, we will make sure your unit functions like it should during this period

    Current production time 4-5 weeks

    Free shipping - Free returns - 2 Year warranty

    2 year warranty

    Every Thodio speaker comes with a 2 year warranty.

    30 day tryout

    Free returns

    Free shipping

    We cover shipping on all orders.

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