The New optional High Res WiFi Audio Receiver...

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*NEW* We now proudly offer you: The New optional High Res WiFi Audio Receiver , it has it all and more, Much more…

Turn your Thodio into the Ultimate Portable, Wireless Smart Speaker with the Cleanest, Crispiest, most Transparant and Powerful Sound available and take the party Everywhere! Experience music like the artists intended it, both Indoors AND Outdoors. 

Stream all your online and offline music with a Rock Solid Wireless Connection from computer/smartphone/online music service/NAS/UPNP Network in High Resolution quality to one, two ( Wireless Stereo ) or Multiple ( Multi Room ) Thodio iBox or A-BOX speakers.



-Beautiful, Intuitive IOS and Android App.

-Turns your Thodio into your home's dedicated network speaker. Any device connected to your WiFi network can effortlessly use the speaker to play music.

-Multi Room playback: drag and play, super easy multi room control just drag and play. Works with as many speakers as your network can handle.

-Wireless Stereo: This gives you the ability to pair 2 or as much Thodio speakers as your WiFi router can handle and then select any of them as your left channel and and the rest as your right channel. Greatly increasing your stereo image. Greatly increasing your volume.

-Streams music directly from your WiFi router with Spotify connect Google cast, internet Radio, Podcasts and other services. Use your smartphone/tablet/computer. Functioning as remote control only, saving battery power and keeping the signal flawless. The smartphone/tablet/computer can even go out of range, disconnected from the network or turned off. The music will continue playing.

-WiFi Direct: Play Outdoors online (3G,4G, 5G) and offline. Listen to music without WiFi network. This is done through your personal hotspot on your smartphone/computer.

-Play your music files from your NAS.

-Works with DLNA/UPnP.

-Works as a Network Extender, improving the quality and increasing your WiFi network range.

-Integrated Alarm clock which will wake you up with your favorite tunes at the perfect volume.

-Sleep timer turns off the music after 10, 20, 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

-You can have both HD lossless Bluetooth and the WiFi receiver. Just add both Bluetooth and High Res WiFi to your Thodio.


Compatible with:

- Airplay

- Amazon Music

- Apple Music

- Google Play

- Spotify, Spotify connect

- Tidal

- TuneIn

- Deezer

- iHeartRadio

- BBC radio

- Napster

- Internet Radio

- Podcasts

- Pandora

- Qplay

- QQMusic

- Radio Paradise

- Google cast

- vTuner


Technical details:

-112Db signal to noise ratio

-High Resolution Music playback:

-FLAC lossless 

-ALAC Apple Lossless

-MP3: CBR/VBR 32kbps~320kbps 


-WMA 48KHz/16bit or up to 192KHz/24bit.


Add High Res WiFi to your current order here . All current orders with the previous optional HD WiFi receiver will automatically be upgraded.

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