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What is Bluetooth 5.0 HD LossLess aptX/AAC/SBC?

When it comes to wireless audio, the custom built Thodio HD Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver is in a league of its own. This optional module allows you to stream your music from any Bluetooth device with crystal clear, high quality sound from up to 265 feet away.

This version of Bluetooth offers a host of improvements over previous versions.

One of the biggest advantages of Bluetooth 5.0 is its increased range. With a range of up to four times that of Bluetooth 4.2, you can now enjoy your music or podcasts without being tethered to your phone or laptop. This means more freedom to move around and enjoy your tunes without interruption. 
Another great feature of Bluetooth 5.0 is its increased data transfer rate. With speeds up to twice as fast as Bluetooth 4.2, you can now enjoy high-quality audio without any lag or interruption. This is perfect for streaming music, games, podcasts, or even movies.

But Bluetooth 5.0 isn't just about improved range and speed. It also offers improved power efficiency, which means longer battery life for your speaker. This means you can enjoy your music for longer.

Additionally, Bluetooth 5.0 supports multi-device connections, which means you can connect multiple devices to a single speaker or pair of headphones. This allows for easy switching between devices and eliminates the need for multiple connections.

In conclusion, Bluetooth 5.0 is the future of wireless audio. With its improved range, speed, power efficiency, and multi-device connections, it's the best choice for anyone looking to upgrade their wireless audio experience.

But the HD Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver isn't just about convenience, it also boasts top-of-the-line technology.

With support for HD LossLess aptX/AAC/SBC, you're getting the best Bluetooth connection available on the market today.
HD Lossless, aptX, AAC, and SBC are the standard for high-quality audio transmission. These codecs are specifically designed to deliver the best possible audio quality when streaming over Bluetooth.

Furthermore, the module is equipped with Nichicon output capacitors which are the best in the industry to maintain the purity of the sound.
Our custom audio profile that is programmed into the module ensures that you get the full potential out of our speaker systems. Whether you're indoors or outdoors, this wireless connection ensures that you'll always have the best listening experience possible.

So, if you're looking to take your wireless audio game to the next level, the Thodio A-BOX HD Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver is a no-brainer. It's rugged, reliable, and delivers top-notch sound quality. It's great for easy overall and outdoor use. Upgrade your listening experience today and enjoy the freedom of wireless audio with the HD Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver and its Nichicon output capacitors and custom audio profile.

If you already own a Thodio speaker with Bluetooth and the Bluetooth module does not look like this one, you can upgrade your Bluetooth module to the latest version and in most cases do the exchange yourself, at home without having to ship it back to us.

If you would like better/easier connectivity, higher efficiency and better sound, order your upgrade here.

Of course all new speakers ordered with Bluetooth will come with the latest Thodio Bluetooth module.

Unlock a New Level of Audio Quality With the optional High Res Wifi module

Welcome to the world of high resolution sound! Our portable speakers are equipped with the latest in wifi modules and up to 192kHz sample rate. With the optional wifi module, you can enjoy the best of high-resolution audio streaming quality.

What is high resolution audio?

High resolution audio can provide an immersive and true-to-life experience that is unparalleled compared to traditional mp3 audio formats. With high resolution audio, listeners can enjoy a much higher degree of detail, a broader soundstage, and improved frequency response.

Our speaker systems are designed to bring out the subtle nuances and detail of every track, allowing you to truly appreciate the artist’s intention that much more. All Thodio amplifiers have the ability to process high resolution audio.

The high resolution wifi modules used with our speakers also allow you to control your audio streaming from anywhere in range with just your phone or tablet. Just imagine having control over the volume and song playing from your smartphone or tablet without having to get up from the couch!

We are always striving to bring our customers the highest quality audio experience. With our speaker systems combined with the innovative wifi module, we are leading the industry in providing top-notch sound quality and convenience. Get yourself a Thodio to enjoy the best in (portable) audio playback today.

For more technical details on the wifi module please visit this post.

The biggest leap forward ever, the 2022 .50 CAL A-BOX

The original ammo can speaker has been in production since 2010 and has seen 12 years of constant development with the feedback of our great customers, this is up to 17 years if you include the years it's speakers and electronics have been developing in the Thodio iBox wooden/bamboo portable speaker system. This is why the .50 CAL A-BOX is such a loved system, called by many, their best purchase ever and it just became even better.



All Thodio speakers are built to last with a future proof design. Most older versions of the A-BOX and iBox can be upgraded and repaired with almost all of the latest upgrades, in many cases this can be done by the customer because of easy to exchange, plug and play modules and parts, saving hassle, shipping costs and time. For more details on this, send us an email with photos of your A-BOX or iBox to

These are all the latest upgrades implemented in the 2022 .50CAL A-BOX portable speaker system, taking it to the next level:


  • Amplifier chip upgrade from 200 to 320 Watts RMS.
  • Custom Thodio design Bluetooth 5.0 module with improved sound quality, up to 265 foot range and HD LossLess aptX/AAC/SBC codecs.
  • Battery pack control board with individual cell charging vastly improving battery pack life span. These battery packs are yellow and/or have “BMS” printed on their labels. 
  • Improved charging protocol also increasing battery pack life span see chapter 6 of the manual.
  • QC 3.0 dual USB charge ports with 1 type-A and 1 type-C USB port.
  • Ecoboard used for the internal fortification/dampening construction previously made out of pine wood panels.
  • Ecoboard has a negative CO2 footprint because agricultural waste (rice plants) are used instead of burned, also no trees have to be cut.
  • Ecoboard emits zero toxic fumes because no glue is used, the fibers are fused together under heat and pressure using the resins from within the plant itself.
  • acoustic dampening characterisics even better than MDF which is a very widely used speaker building material known for it’s acoustic qualities.
  • Even cleaner assembly, you can open the A-BOX up by the latch on the right side just like any ammo can and show the impressive interior packed full of the latest tech, this also makes it very easy to upgrade or repair if needed.
  • Improved battery pack shock absorption.
  • Beefier steel speaker grills for improved speaker protection coated with the same quality and color powder coating as the ammo can itself.
  • Much higher quality volume control for clean modulation and longer life.
  • And last but not least, faster production and shipping. US and Canadian orders are shipped from our US warehouse. European orders are shipped from our warehouse in Holland and Asian, Australian/New Zealand orders are shipped from our Asian warehouse.
  • You can order the latest version of the original ammo can speaker system here in our webstore, shipped for free worldwide.


New Ammo Can Bluetooth speaker range for 2020

The A-BOX range now better than ever. Lighter, more power efficient, higher quality sound and longer lasting:

New improvements for the 2020 A-BOX wireless speaker range are:

  • 400 grams lighter and more durable fortification
  • 25% thicker steel, cleaner finish
  • Better grounding, cleaner sound with Bluetooth and Wifi
  • More efficient power handling with Wifi
  • Added equaliser to wifi app
  • Higher quality speakers
  • Higher quality aux connector
  • Improved steel dampening
  • Improved acoustic dampening
  • Even more durable battery pack
  • Improved amplifier quality
  • Shortened wires for higher quality, more dynamic sound
  • Improved speaker screws
  • Improved handle stabilisation anti rattle

All orders shipped since the end of December 2019 are the 2020 model.

The previous versions received great reviews like these from customers:

"Since receiving my 50cal I haven't stopped listening to it, the sound is quality, bass levels and midtones are incredible, played it next to both my Bose sound bars and it blows them away.
Awesome product, I will be ordering another:)
Love this thing" - Cye Hayes. Facebook review

And the 2020 A-BOX is even better. Order yours this week and receive a bonus when the order is placed

best bluetooth speaker review 2019 new ammo can speaker wireless portable box boombox

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