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Where can I hear/experience a Thodio? We currently ship orders to the customer directly and we aren't working with resellers yet (we are looking for resellers though). However, we do maintain a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

How loud are your speakers? So loud, you can lead a revolution with 3000+ people (later on in the video it gets even louder! Check around 35:30 minutes):

Which type of bamboo sounds best? We are proud of the fact that we craft our speakers out of the best sounding material available. The high density bamboo gives you a cleaner sound than the side pressed bamboo we offer, simply because of the mass added to the material by the compression process, which makes it  a bit heavier and more inert. It also takes smoother finish. However, the side pressed bamboo box still sounds better than anything else available on the market, nobody uses 3/4" (18mm) thick, solid materials to produce their portable speakers. 

Are Thodio products only compatible with Apple products? All Thodio products work with basically anything with an audio output or if you opt for the bluetooth or wifi receiver, anything with a bluetooth or wifi connection (we have a wifi app for IOS and Android), smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers etc.

Is the 3.5mm AUX input included when I choose one or more of the other options? All Thodio products come with the standard 3.5mm AUX input connector including a 24inch or 60cm high quality gold plated 3.5mm to 3.5mm minijack cable.

The optional dock for the iBox XC is this with lightning connector or 30 pin connector? This is a 30 pin apple universal dock with charging function and remote (because Apple doesn't sell a lightning dock with these features) It can easily be converted to lightning connector with the Flybridge dock adapter.

Can you put grills on the iBox XC? The speakers of the iBox XC are recessed in the wood deep enough to avoid damage in more than 99.9% of the cases. If something happens, the speakers are easily replaceable. 

What is the USB charge bus option? This is a 5V USB output to charge smartphones and tablets with the battery power of the A-BOX or iBox XC.

Can I charge the A-BOX or iBox XC in my car? With a simple inverter of less than 100 watts you can plug in your charger and charge your Thodio in the car.

Can I leave the charger connected to the speaker? All Thodio products are provided with an automatic battery charger which detects when the battery is full and stops charging, because of this it can be used as a permanent power supply to power your Thodio. The batteries do like to have their electrons moving now and then so it is recommended to use your Thodio disconnected from the charger for at least once a month. 

What do I get when I don't select any options? You get a spectacular piece of Thodio craftsmanship, the speaker system, with the standard battery pack and a minijack input with a cable to connect your audio source and the automatic battery charger which doubles as a permanent power supply. Bluetooth, WiFi, Guitar input, USB and the longer lasting battery packs are optional.


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