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High quality mini bluetooth speaker


Bluetooth speakers are super practical, especially when they’re small as well. Connecting your smartphone to a Bluetooth speaker is simple and you can play your favorite playlist instantly. One of my favorite speakers that we make at Thodio is the iBox. The iBox is a high-quality mini Bluetooth speaker, it’s beautiful and it emits a stunning high-quality sound. Underneath I will tell you more about this Thodio iBox.

Production of the Thodio iBox Mini

For the production of this high-quality mini Bluetooth speaker, only the best quality materials are used and the newest technology. The speakers are completely handmade in our factory in Amsterdam. Every speaker is made with the best care which is also the reason that we can offer a three year guaranty.

The outside of the speaker is made up of 100% sustainable and recyclable materials. For this reason, we use bamboo to make the outside of the speaker. The bamboo we use is extremely environmentally friendly. Cutting bamboo doesn’t require cutting down any trees, bamboo just grows back after it is cut off.

Check out this is video of this high-quality mini Bluetooth speaker:

Why this Mini Bluetooth Speaker from Thodio?

This high-quality mini Bluetooth speaker is simple to use in and out of the house, especially the design, sound-quality and the size of the speaker make it suitable for multiple purposes. Besides that, the design makes it a real eye-catcher in your house. After turning it on everyone will be equally surprised by the sound that it produces.

Next to the beautiful design, and quality of sound, the size of the speaker makes it very appealing. The small size makes it perfect for use outside the house. It is perfectly suitable for a fun party in the yard, on the boat, in the park, or in your favorite spot just to relax. The speaker can be used wirelessly and has a battery-life of 25 to 78 hours.

thodio high-quality mini Bluetooth speaker

The most important features of this high quality mini Bluetooth speaker:

  • Produced and made 100% in Amsterdam (free worldwide shipping)
  • Possibility to be used with aptX/AAC HD Bluetooth receiver
  • Possibility to be be used with WiFi receiver via an app
  • Guitar input, use your iBox Mini as a guitar amp
  • Battery life of 25, 52, or 78 hours

Interested in this Thodio mini Bluetooth speaker and curious about more specifications of the speaker? Look here for more information on this Thodio iBox mini.

High resolution portable speaker system with Bluetooth and Wifi

best wireless speakers review 2019 bamboo wood teak bluetooth wifi high res audiophile portable

The 2019 iBox XC is the best wireless speaker system money can buy according to our customers. Many have compared them to other bluetooth speakers on the market and time and time again the XC wins both in sound quality, design and power. This review is just a sample of the feedback we get:

"If anyone is searching for the absolute best Bluetooth speaker on the market and is still undecided. Look no further. I made the decision to order my Ibox because of the look, but was blown away by the sound. The stellar craftsmanship of this product partnered with the crystal clear high fidelity makes this speaker in a category of its own. I took this into my local high end audio dealer, and they were floored at the sound. If you’re on the fence about purchasing one of these,do yourself a favor and order one." posted on our Facebook page by Matthew E. from Canada.

The reasons our speaker systems out compared to other wireless speakers are numerous, for the cabinet we use 3/4" solid bamboo that is hand crafted into the iconic and time tested Thodio design.

On top of that we offer some of the biggest and most powerful battery packs available, these power audiophile Class-T amps which in their turn excite the custom filtered kevlar coned coaxial speakers.

The signal is fed to the amp through our aptX high range Bluetooth module or the High Res Wifi module with taking your music to the next level with it's audiophile Sabre DAC. 

This proven high quality wireless speaker system will last for generations and can be upgraded as tech evolves.

Make sure to place your order soon because we do have limited production capacity. 

best wireless speakers review 2019 bamboo wood teak bluetooth wifi high res audiophile portable

best wireless speakers review 2019 bamboo wood teak bluetooth wifi high res audiophile portable

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New A-BOX Ammo Can wireless Speaker range 2019...


best bluetooth speaker review 2019 new ammo can speaker wireless portable box boombox

The A-BOX was already an incredible wireless speaker according to our amazing customers, it just got even better. 

New improvements for the 2019 A-BOX wireless speaker range are:

  • Improved quality speakers.
  • Redesigned back panel construction allowing easy exchange and upgrades of battery packs.
  • Improved sound. Double rounded edges on the bass reflex port, smooth air flow, better sound.
  • More energy efficient when both Bluetooth and Wifi are opted for.
  • Higher quality, more durable battery pack control boards for longer lasting battery packs.
  • More solid construction. Reinforced mounting of connectors and knobs.
  • Reinforced bottom panel for Improved cabinet acoustics.
  • Improved Bluetooth connectivity, unique IP address for ease of connecting between Thodio's.
  • True wireless stereo Bluetooth on request for multiple unit orders.
All orders shipped since the end of December 2018 are the 2019 model.

The previous versions received great reviews like these from customers:

"Since receiving my 50cal I haven't stopped listening to it, the sound is quality, bass levels and midtones are incredible, played it next to both my Bose sound bars and it blows them away.
Awesome product, I will be ordering another:)
Love this thing " - Cye Hayes. Facebook review

And the 2019 A-BOX is even better. Order yours this week and receive a secret bonus when the order is placed

best bluetooth speaker review 2019 new ammo can speaker wireless portable box boombox

best bluetooth speaker review 2019 new ammo can speaker wireless portable box boombox









A wireless speaker like no other...

Only 1 of these wireless speakers exists at this moment, it is that custom and rare, are you ready to own something special?

The 2019 iBox XC out of Ebony Bamboo with optional 10 layers of meticulously applied high gloss yacht coating, order yours today; just add the Ebony XC to your basket: Ebony iBox XC

Followed by the yacht coating: Yacht Coating

And we will get you our masterpiece. Also available for all other bamboo and wood types and the iBox Mini.



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