The biggest leap forward ever, the 2022 .50 CAL A-BOX

The original ammo can speaker has been in production since 2010 and has seen 12 years of constant development with the feedback of our great customers, this is up to 17 years if you include the years it's speakers and electronics have been developing in the Thodio iBox wooden/bamboo portable speaker system. This is why the .50 CAL A-BOX is such a loved system, called by many, their best purchase ever and it just became even better.



All Thodio speakers are built to last with a future proof design. Most older versions of the A-BOX and iBox can be upgraded and repaired with almost all of the latest upgrades, in many cases this can be done by the customer because of easy to exchange, plug and play modules and parts, saving hassle, shipping costs and time. For more details on this, send us an email with photos of your A-BOX or iBox to

These are all the latest upgrades implemented in the 2022 .50CAL A-BOX portable speaker system, taking it to the next level:


  • Amplifier chip upgrade from 200 to 320 Watts RMS.
  • Custom Thodio design Bluetooth 5.0 module with improved sound quality, up to 265 foot range and HD LossLess aptX/AAC/SBC codecs.
  • Battery pack control board with individual cell charging vastly improving battery pack life span. These battery packs are yellow and/or have “BMS” printed on their labels. 
  • Improved charging protocol also increasing battery pack life span see chapter 6 of the manual.
  • QC 3.0 dual USB charge ports with 1 type-A and 1 type-C USB port.
  • Ecoboard used for the internal fortification/dampening construction previously made out of pine wood panels.
  • Ecoboard has a negative CO2 footprint because agricultural waste (rice plants) are used instead of burned, also no trees have to be cut.
  • Ecoboard emits zero toxic fumes because no glue is used, the fibers are fused together under heat and pressure using the resins from within the plant itself.
  • acoustic dampening characterisics even better than MDF which is a very widely used speaker building material known for it’s acoustic qualities.
  • Even cleaner assembly, you can open the A-BOX up by the latch on the right side just like any ammo can and show the impressive interior packed full of the latest tech, this also makes it very easy to upgrade or repair if needed.
  • Improved battery pack shock absorption.
  • Beefier steel speaker grills for improved speaker protection coated with the same quality and color powder coating as the ammo can itself.
  • Much higher quality volume control for clean modulation and longer life.
  • And last but not least, faster production and shipping. US and Canadian orders are shipped from our US warehouse. European orders are shipped from our warehouse in Holland and Asian, Australian/New Zealand orders are shipped from our Asian warehouse.
  • You can order the latest version of the original ammo can speaker system here in our webstore, shipped for free worldwide.


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