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    Thodio iBox XC, The Ultimate Audiophile Portable Bluetooth Speaker System


    "I have the large XC version. I have used it hundreds of hours and LOVE IT ! Nothing made by any MFG. that is portable comes close. Worth every penny. Have questions? Feel free to Email a real customer runs12s@optonline.net (USA) David Morgan, Semper Fi"

    "I have the Thodio iBox XC. It truly is audiophile sound. I don't think there's anything out there that compares. Note: For those of you wondering, yes, I did a side by side with my friend's Bose Acoustic Wave II. He should be ordering his iBox shortly after he finds a buyer for his Bose." Eric W. from Hawaii.


    The wood work of the iBox XC was given as much attention and detail as the twin 6.5 inch kevlar coned high quality drivers give to its amazing and powerful sound. The biggest of all thodio amps is guaranteed to breathe life in to any backyard or beach party and exceeds sound/box size ratio expectations, as do all portable thodio speakers. This bluetooth speaker is going to leave a lasting impression, both it’s incredible appearance and it’s dynamic sound.

    The iBox XC is hand crafted out of personally selected solid hard woods like teak, zebrawood, oak, ash and even bamboo, into a timeless and unique design which give the iBox XC it's astonishing looks and sound.

    The iBox XC utilizes filtered Kevlar coned coaxial speakers with softdome tweeters to translate the power provided by the audiophile amplifier into an experience everybody except your neighbours will appreciate...

    Lets talk about power... The thing that most portable speaker systems lack and the iBox XC has plenty of: The heart of the iBox XC, is an audiophile Tripath TK2050 based 2 x 100 watts RMS amplifier which produces a clarity and transparency never heard of in the portable audio world... it truly is amazing what an incredible sound is produced by a box this size... everyone who encounters an iBox is impressed to say the least and that shows in the peoples reactions which are diverse and refreshing...

    Wirelessly stream your tunes from any bluetooth device to the iBox XC with the optional HD lossless aptX/AAC bluetooth receiver.

    The iBox XC comes with a charger and integrated rechargeable batteries which will last for up to 12 hours a charge (upgradeable to 46.5 hours)... The light in the bass reflex tube will tell you how long you will be able to party before you have to recharge.


    • 6.5 inch coaxial kevlar speakers with softdome tweeters
    • New! 2 x 100 watts rms audiophile quality Tripath TK2050 amplifier
    • integrated rechargeable battery lasting 12 hours per charge (upgradeable to 26 or 46.5 hours)
    • optional integrated apple universal dock with remote and charging function
    • optional integrated bluetooth receiver
    • optional guitar bus input, use your iBox as an audiophile guitar amp
    • volume control
    • source selector switch
    • battery indicator lights inside the bass reflex port
    • crafted out of 18mm / 0.71" thick solid hard woods
    • available in ash, oak, teak, zebrawood, bamboo, custom...


    • dimensions 43 x 27 x 28cm / 16.9 x 10.6 x 11 inches L x W x H
    • 9 kilos / 19.8 pounds
    • including automatic charger (comes with US plug for US orders and works with 110 and 220 volts) which can be used as a permanent power supply, a 3.5mm jackplug aux cable, and a 3 year warranty

    also available the smaller thodio iBox with 5 inch speakers


    "My Thodio Review>>>>Wow! Not sure where to start!! I’ve been working with Thomas Spaans in building my XC’s for quite a while!!! I knew the products were going to be good but had no idea what I was in for…(I’ll try and make this review short…lol ….I have had an obsession with home audio equipment since I can recall. I used to work for a high end California based retailer who placed a few of their stores out here in Florida. Nevertheless, I got to sell some incredibly high end stuff which allowed me to consume not just my clienteles genre of music styles and knowledge but of course their discriminating taste in wanting the best of the best when it came to Home Audio. 

    I used to throw pool parties with my friends and was always in charge of bringing the music. I owned a Bose dock, which was ok for the time being, but it just did not do it for me. It lacked mids, some highs ….just overall transparency.. I decided to take a journey in search of something portable that would not only satisfy my crazy audio needs (quality, power…materials…you name it) but something that would also wow people as far as looks and everything above. That’s when I came across Thodio’s page. It was like love at first site  I came in contact with Thomas a few days later and the process of building my two XC’s were a go. What I love about Thodio as a company is the patience they had with me throughout the whole entire process….You want to talk about customization! I pretty much nailed it with everything I had him do to mine (thanks again Thomas 

    When it came to customization, I made sure to not miss or overlook any needed specifics or details, neither did Thodio, they actually helped me in ways to improve on the specifics that I wanted. ..just wow!!!! I have never worked with a company that was so personable and eager to meet all of my expectations! Lets now get to the good part!!!! When I got my XC’s delivered…I think I called in to work sick that day from all of the excitement! Opening up the package on these things was just stunning!! I Could not believe the type of craftsmanship that were put into my XC’s!!! The sound was just breath taking!!!! I think my Bose dock started crying from what was being delivered out of the XC!!! (Needless to say..the Bose got tossed  The sounds were warm, vibrant and made me feel as if I was right on stage with the artist. The TK2050 amp is no joke folks!!! When it comes to power, the XC is just a monster!! It craves power like no other!!! This isn’t the power most people are used to from the everyday and ordinary plastic boom boxes you find out on the shelf. The power is INCREDIBLY STRONG, in combination with quality sounds that are just LUSH!!! No distortion whatsoever!!! It just makes you want to rehear all of your old tracks, because I guarantee you might have missed something=) 

    These things are not cheap but I must say, for what its worth..Im now a Thodio Customer for life! Going to order my third XC from him in the near future (pretty soon actually  ..Thomas just wanted to say thanks for all your patience, hard work and dedication!! Thanks for making Thodio what it is today!!! We’ll keep in touch soon."

    -George Barrera (Orlando, FL)