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.50 CAL A-BOX™ The Original Ammo Can Speaker 2023 from $419.00
.50 CAL A-BOX Reviews: "Since receiving my 50cal I haven't stopped listening to it, the sound is quality, bass levels and midtones are incredible, played it next to both my Bose sound bars and it blows them away.Awesome product, I will be ordering another:)Love this thing " - Cye Hayes. Facebook review 100+ reviews scoring 4.8/5.0 "The new Bluetooth Champion" -Unbox Therapy "Militia chic with clear and punchy sound" -Wired Magazine on the .50CAL A-BOX  The biggest tech reviewer in the world on the .50CAL A-BOX: "I received my A-BOX about a week ago. I love it! Great design, great sound. Can't wait to hit the beach with it this summer! Thanks again for the great product" -Joseph P. from the US on the .50 CAL A-BOX "I expected something good but the sound is just perfect, I've got 2 80Watts home audio speakers pluged on a amplifier, with an already very good quality but your box beat them on the punchy aspect, the gradings are just perfect, it slaps you in the face, and no vibrations, every detail is over-clean, you're a Dutch magician" -Charles D. from France on the .50 CAL A-BOX Apocalypse Now, Anywhere. Developed and perfected over 12+ years with the feedback from thousands of customers. The .50 CAL A-BOX is a high quality wireless speaker built into an genuine 50's design .50 CAL ammo can. The ammo box speaker is a compact power house which produces a crystal clear, full sound with great mids and surprisingly deep bass. Far exceeding your expectations for a portable speaker this size. Next to its eye catching looks, the robust military spec design ensures it can handle bumps, drops, some rain/splashes and even some napalm which would melt any other speakers on the market. You can use these wireless speakers anywhere at any time. Whether you’re at home, in the park, at the beach, traveling or in case you need to intimidate the enemy in a war zone from a helicopter, yes, Apocalypse Now. A peek into the workshop with our Polish veteran Robert proudly showing his work. All Thodio speakers are built to last with a future proof design. Most older versions of the A-BOX and iBox can be upgraded and repaired with almost all of the latest upgrades. In most cases this can be done by the customer because of easy to exchange plug and play modules and parts. Saving hassle, shipping costs and time. You can open the A-BOX up by pulling the latch on the right side just like any ammo can and show the impressive interior packed full with the latest tech. This also makes it very easy to upgrade or repair if needed. We reinforced and insulated the ammo can speaker with 3 different materials to get it to sound as great as its hand crafted solid bamboo brother, the iBox XC does. The new 320Watts RMS audiophile amplifier driving the custom designed kevlar coned coaxial speakers with soft dome tweeters are what makes this box boom. Full stereo sound, louder and with more transparency than any portable bluetooth speaker you have ever experienced. Earn money with your Thodio Get 15% per unit sold by sharing your Thodio ammo box speaker on your social media with our Affiliate Program. Features Swappable, High capacity battery packs The triple protected rechargeable lithium ion battery pack will last for up to 26 hours (upgradeable to 52 or 78 hours) on a single charge. New for 2023, individual cell charging ensuring a much longer battery life span for many years of music Standard battery pack 26 hours 88Wh 3400mAh 29.4volts Li-Ion pack with 7, 18650 LG cells Optional battery packs, more cells = more power 52 hours 176Wh 6800mAh 29.4volts Li-Ion pack with 14, 18650 LG cells 78 hours 264Wh 10200mAh 29.4volts Li-Ion pack with 21, 18650 LG cells These packs will last up to 500-1000 charge cycles and then they will still have 80% of their capacity available. All battery packs can easily be replaced/swapped by the owner. The A-BOX comes with an automatic charger. The light in the bass reflex tube shows how long you will be able to party before you have to recharge with 3 colors. There is also a voltmeter in between the optional USB charge ports for a more accurate reading on the battery status. HD Bluetooth 5.0 You can stream your music up to 340 foot from any Bluetooth device to the Thodio A-BOX in CD quality with the optional HD LossLess aptX/AAC/SBC Bluetooth module. This is the best Bluetooth connection available on the market today. This is a great wireless connection recommended for easy overall and outdoor use. High Resolution WiFi Receiver with App Experience music like the artists intended it, both Indoors and Outdoors.  Turn your Thodio into the Ultimate Portable Wireless Smart Speaker. Featuring the cleanest, most transparent and powerful wireless sound available. This is our highest quality wireless connection up to 192KHz/24bit.  Highly recommended to get the most out of your A-BOX in a wifi zone like your home + garden or office. Our Wifi module works with Spotify and Tidal Connect which means your A-BOX will stream straight from your modem while your phone or any other device in your network acts like a remote control. Saving energy and the "remote" does not have to stay close. The music will just keep on playing even when out of reach. Stream all your online and offline music with a rock solid wireless connection. Works with your computer/smartphone/online music service/NAS/UPNP Network in High Resolution quality. Play from one, two (Wireless Stereo) or multiple (Multi Room) Thodio iBox or A-BOX speakers. For more details on our WiFi receiver click here. Some screen shots of the wifi app which allows you to link up multiple speakers and select the channel they play, L+R or L or R: Guitar input Turn your A-BOX into a compact portable guitar amplifier with the optional guitar input. High Speed Charging with the Dual USB charge ports with QC 3.0 technology and voltmeter Turn your A-BOX into a power bank. Recharge your smartphone, tablet or other USB device on the go with your A-BOX's powerful battery pack. The USB type-A and USB type-C charge ports are powered by Quick charge 3.0 technology. In between the USB charge ports there is a red LED display voltmeter/battery gauge indicating the current battery voltage between +/- 20.0 and 29.4 volts. Mini jack aux input Comes standard on all Thodio speakers to hook up any audio player with the included high quality audio cable with gold plated mini jack connectors.   All Thodio Products come with a 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee and a 2 year warranty Specs Fully handmade by Veterans Shipped for free worldwide  US and Canadian orders are shipped from our US warehouse by Fedex and DHL. European orders are shipped from our warehouse in Holland and Asian, Australian and New Zealand orders are shipped from our Asian warehouse. All orders are shipped with tracking. Your order supports a family owned and operated business. Our 24/7 customer service email: thomas@thodio.com Reinforced/dampened steel, genuine M2A1 ammo can with mil spec olive drab powder coating, even inside the holes, we coat them after drilling/laser cutting all holes. 2 x 4 inch custom Thodio design KSX4 high power long throw coaxial Kevlar speakers with 2 x 3/4 inch Soft dome swivel tweeters with audiophile filter components New! Super efficient and 320Watts RMS Class D amplifiers capable of processing High Resolution audio in stereo Frequency range: 40-20000Hz SPL: 105Db Weight: 12.1 or 12.8 or 13.4 Pounds / 5.5 or 5.8 or 6.1 Kilos depending on battery pack Portable guitar amplifier with the optional 1/4" guitar bus Swappable rechargeable battery lasting up to 26 hours per charge (upgradeable to 52 or 78 hours) Optional Dual USB QC 3.0 type-A and type-C charge ports to charge all USB devices fast Volume control with power switch Battery indicator light inside the bass reflex port (the white light indicates a full battery, orange indicates 66% battery left, red indicates 33% battery left. Red LED Voltmeter accurate up to 0.1 volts when opted for the USB charge ports. Dimensions 11.8 x 6.1 x 7.7 inches / 30 x 15.5 x 19.5cm L x W x H Mini jack 3.5mm aux input Including a fully automatic charger (comes with US, UK, Australian or EU plug (powercord can easily be exchanged with any standard IEC320 C7 powercord)) and works with all net voltages worldwide (100-240V AC) Including a 3.5mm minijack plug aux cable Including a 2 year warranty, we will make sure your unit works like it should during this period
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