Unlock a New Level of Audio Quality With the optional High Res Wifi module

Welcome to the world of high resolution sound! Our portable speakers are equipped with the latest in wifi modules and up to 192kHz sample rate. With the optional wifi module, you can enjoy the best of high-resolution audio streaming quality.

What is high resolution audio?

High resolution audio can provide an immersive and true-to-life experience that is unparalleled compared to traditional mp3 audio formats. With high resolution audio, listeners can enjoy a much higher degree of detail, a broader soundstage, and improved frequency response.

Our speaker systems are designed to bring out the subtle nuances and detail of every track, allowing you to truly appreciate the artist’s intention that much more. All Thodio amplifiers have the ability to process high resolution audio.

The high resolution wifi modules used with our speakers also allow you to control your audio streaming from anywhere in range with just your phone or tablet. Just imagine having control over the volume and song playing from your smartphone or tablet without having to get up from the couch!

We are always striving to bring our customers the highest quality audio experience. With our speaker systems combined with the innovative wifi module, we are leading the industry in providing top-notch sound quality and convenience. Get yourself a Thodio to enjoy the best in (portable) audio playback today.

For more technical details on the wifi module please visit this post.

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